Registration Ben Bronsema EWF-Prize

The annually awarded prize is intended to stimulate the application of natural forces to take care of the indoor climate in buildings and homes. The Earth, Wind & Fire concept developed by Ben Bronsema serves as inspiration.

The emphasis of the study and / or research is primarily aimed at the design of new models, but can also have an experimental, analytical or numerical character. Projects related to circularity and positive interventions in the traditional construction chain are equally valued.

The prize is awarded to a student or graduate of a university, college or equivalent or an employee of an architectural firm, a consultancy or engineering firm or a construction or building services contractor who has made a relevant contribution to the objective through a study or research at master’s / bachelor’s or equivalent level. The results of their work being published in an accessible way.

Eligible for the prize

  • Design of a building, including (global) calculations and descriptions of how building and services work together as an integrated whole based on natural forces
  • Research results that further investigate and elaborate (parts of) natural systems
  • Tools for developing the different systems for a design

A good description of the project must be publicly available in the form of a thesis, graduation thesis, research report, conference paper or the like at university, college or company, online or in the form of an article in a professional journals. In any case, publication in a journal is encouraged.

Prior to the official submission, the project plan (graduation, research) can be submitted if a preliminary judgment is desired on the suitability of the project.

The final documents must be available at least three months before the next award ceremony.

You can register by sending an e-mail to (by use of the application form to the right) with a short description of the project and the products to be delivered (design, research report, tool, etc.).

If it concerns a first question for testing suitability, a rough planning of the work or a brief description of the current state of affairs is very welcome. For a graduation project, a starting note with the research questions, etc. is a good document.

If it concerns a final submission, this naturally concerns the available reports and / or designs.

Delft, november 21st 2020
Kees (ir. A.C.) van der Linden

Registration Ben Bronsema EWF-Prize

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